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General Surgery

About the Department

General Surgery centers have world-class service facilities with their strong academic staff, experience and knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of all cancer and non-cancerous diseases, their equipment and infrastructure that combines science with advanced technology, surgical options using innovative advanced techniques specific to the patient.

General surgery, one of the most important and comprehensive areas of medicine, is gradually being replaced by specialized surgery. This is due to the increase of diversity due to the diseases and different treatments of the organs included in the general surgery field, the development of technology and surgical techniques that are rapidly developing in these areas.In this way, "general surgeon" concentrating on each subject also gains "specialized surgeon" status by providing specialization in different fields of general surgery.

General Surgery centers also serve with their academic and expert staff specialized in different fields. Patients have quality service opportunities in all sub-branches of general surgery without seeking a specialist. In addition, they benefit from council assessments, where surgical practices are based on group decision, not individual decisions. After the general diagnosis, patients are directed to the specialist of the subject and specialized treatment planning is made for the disease.

Endocrine surgery involving benign diseases and cancers of the thyroid, surgery of benign tumors and breast cancers in the breast; hepato-pancreato-biliary system surgeries involving the liver, biliary tract, gallbladder and pancreas; cancer involving the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine and the rectal area, gallbladder calculi and hernias, surgery of anorectal diseases, and obesity surgery providing permanent weight control are performed by experienced teams in our centers.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services in General Surgery Department

General Surgery Departments of Medwell Istanbul  provide patients with treatment and diagnosis services in the following fields.

Diabetes Surgery (Metabolic)

Diabetes surgery is performed for those with Type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood sugar, and when blood sugar cannot be maintained within the limits despite the medication and insulin used. Diabetes surgery is performed as a closed surgery. The surgery is done with small incisions. In the operation, 50% of the stomach is removed, the location of the small intestines is changed.

With this change, there is a stimulus for insulin secretion from the pancreas and the efficiency increases. Thus, Type 2 diabetes is completely eliminated. And people get rid of obesity after this surgery. The advantage of this surgery consists of details such as not being as painful as open surgeries, not experiencing lung problems, short return to normal life, and no scarring after surgery.

After the diabetes surgery, frequent hunger will not be the same as before. You will be faced with the situation of not eating due to lack of appetite. These problems are not permenant, and when the body gets used to this normal routine, the patient will feel much better.

Our Diabetes Surgery:

1 - Ileal Interposition Surgery

2 - Transit Bipartition Surgery

Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine surgery deals with surgical management of thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and gastrointestinal as well as pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

Gastroenterologic Surgery

The treatment of surgical diseases of the stomach and intestines has made great progress with the improvements in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical techniques. Our General Surgery Clinic is particularly experienced in the early diagnosis and endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical treatment of colon diseases.

Liver, Pancreas and Bile Duct Surgery

Recent developments in oncological treatments present us with new opportunities in the treatment of liver and pancreas tumors. Apart from surgeons experienced in these procedures, the multidisciplinary center established with interventional radiology, endoscope and oncology specialists present the entire country with a new opportunity in the treatment of liver and pancreas diseases.

Breast Clinic

The Breast Clinic will be serving the patients within a unitary structure with polyclinic rooms, minor intervention and recovery rooms, mammography and ultrasonography rooms. Healthcare services are delivered under the guidance of the tumor committee consisting of specialists in the fields of general surgery, radiology, pathology, medical and radiation oncology. As a result of physical integrity and physician collaboration, patients get a chance for diagnosis and treatment without ever having to change locations.

Thyroid Clinic

Apart from surgery, treatment of thyroid patients necessitate the participation of specialists from the fields of endocrinology and nuclear medicine. Patients in the Thyroid Clinic of our hospital receive treatment in accordance with the protocols designed by specialists experienced in those three branches.